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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Candyfloss - Nice, sweet but ultimately pointless; a life we should all aim for

Candyfloss theory

We should aim to have a nice, sweet life. This life will ultimately be pointless but it is what's best for everyone.

Today I have made the executive decision that we should all aim to lead nice, sweet lives; what i mean by this is the following - life would be better for everyone if we were all nice, would you not agree? Putting in our honest best efforts to be unselfish, giving to charity, smiling at strangers on the street (in a non-creepy/non-pedophiliac/non-psychopathic way), baking cakes for each other... Our lives should be as sweet as the pink, fluffy treat itself, we could all live in cute little cottages in the country and embrace the small things in life. We would have sweet children, and nice husbands, living in nice neighborhoods with good schools and sweet annual fetes and vegetable growing competitions. We could while away our summer days lounging on the local polo lawn sipping Moet, and hosting dinner parties for one another in the winter evenings. Admittedly, some would describe this lifestyle as hiding from the canaille, and so it is... sort of... but what is wrong with that? Would one rather fritter away one's days living minutes outside Hackney with its high percentage of residents fall that into the demographic category "plebeian" and facing a death-defying tube commute every day into the bustling city of sweaty shoppers and japanese tourists? Thought not, the country life is the only life for anyone who has ever tasted freedom. An idillic "twee" life. What more could any country girl wish for?
Nothing. The Candyfloss dream; thats what i live for.

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