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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today i did a LOT of thinking... here are two of the more interesting ones;

If you were slowly bleeding to death, would you prefer it if someone just came along and mercy killed you, instead of living your sorry life to the full?

Well, my answer is NO. I would be really annoyed if I could not even be able to left to die in peace; I'm only going to die once, i quite want to enjoy the experience and don't want to be hurried along by some overly nice "do gooder." After a while, no doubt the pain will subside and i will be left to think my final thoughts, which I am sure will be fantastic and beautiful thoughts that don't need interrupting.

It is really odd thinking that i am going to only live once. As each moment slips away it becomes part of the vast perpetual history that we write, never to be lived again. I am not sure wether to be glad of this or wether to mourn it, how sad that we should only be able to live those happy cheerful days of our youth once, but yet how timeless those memories become of it. It is certainly strange to try and imagine that once we are old these days which are so close and so real to us now, will be far away and for some, forgotten.

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