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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh wow. If only I cared what strangers think

- ""I have many friends that like me" ...think again?"

- "Jump off a bridge, play in the road, throw yourself in to a vast body of water and make no attemp to swim. I dont care which of the above but please make everyones weekeend and do one of them pleasee."

- "No morals and a hideous backbone - go play in traffic . NO ONE LIKES YOU, WHY CAN'T YOU SEE THIS."

- "stop fucking people over and get out"

- "I really fucking hate you"

- "You remind me of desperate times"

- " Your a social climber... one day you will fall from the top when you realise that the 'friends' you have dont actually like you..."

- "Where you born with that nose or did a horse kick you in the face?"

- "I hate you"

- "I hope you choke on your own bitterly self centered behavior"

- "your answers are so contrived, it's painful to the eyes. Grow yourself an original personality and maybe then people will genuinely respect you."

- "youre such a wannabee it makes me sick."

- "why do you edit almost all of your photos? are you incapable of taking a decent photo?"

- "Why are you so self involved"

- "you're so fucking special why don't you marry yourself."

There is a handful of formspring love

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